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Easy to gain, hard to shed, and not good for your health. Fat in the midsection is a common body complaint, keeping even the most physically fit person from realizing their ideal body shape. Often, diet and exercise alone are not enough to trim your waistline. This may be due to factors beyond your control such as genetics, low estrogen levels, or stress. 

Belly fat is made up of visceral fat. Whereas most of the fat stored in our bodies is subcutaneous fat beneath our skin, visceral fat lies between our internal organs, deep in the abdomen, behind the abdominal wall.

This means that no matter how hard you try to lose weight, stubborn areas of fat stick to your waist, whether it’s a tiny post-baby bulge or love handles. You’re not alone if this describes you, but thanks to Lipo 360, you can finally get rid of the fat around your tummy, sides, and back and enjoy a sleek physique. Board-certified plastic surgeon Forrest Wall helps clients transform their bodies and achieve their ideal figure at The Plastic Surgery Center in Shreveport and Monroe. Continue reading to learn whether Lipo 360 is right for you.

Concerned about the cost associated with Lipo 360? We can help you find resources and information regarding finances.

Lipo 360 is a body contouring procedure that is performed all the way around the waist - in other words, 360 degrees. Fat removal on the patient's abdomen, waist, hips, and around to either side of the spine is part of this procedure.

Lipo 360 is not “whole body liposuction,” even though it is frequently referred to in this way. Instead, it exclusively suctions fat from the stomach. Whole body liposuction removes fat from the arms, thighs, calves, or upper back.

Lipo 360 has a key advantage over other forms of liposuction. That’s because the procedure focuses on the final results, not just total fat removed from the body. Traditional liposuction does not always take into account how the patient looks afterward. More thorough outcomes are attainable through circumferential liposuction for those who desire a curvier, contoured shape in a shorter amount of time.

As a 360 degree circumference liposuction technique, Lipo 360 targets all parts of the midriff. The upper and lower abdominals, the obliques, and the mid-to-lower back are among the areas that can be treated. After fat is removed, as with any liposuction treatment, there is a possibility of loose skin. A skin tightening treatment, such as Morpheus8, may be extremely beneficial to incorporate as part of your Lipo 360 process.
Fat is suctioned from targeted parts of the midsection with a vacuum during Lipo 360. To emphasize your natural curves and produce a dramatic, yet natural-looking result, your physician uses special techniques. For example, in addition to typical liposuction, your surgeon may utilize a laser to help melt fat and tighten the skin. A loss of 1 to 10 pounds of fat can be expected. The risk of complications increases as the amount of fat removed goes up. Thus, most cosmetic surgeons will restrict their removal to 11 pounds or less. Lipo 360 also has the added benefit of not requiring general anesthesia. The majority of patients simply require IV sedation for this surgery.
Lipo 360 is ideal for people who are close to their target body weight and have fat in stubborn spots that diet and exercise alone have not been successful in eliminating. Both small and large areas of the body are contoured and shaped, making this an effective addition to your weight loss journey.
Pricing for liposuction goes by the body area targeted. The entire cost ranges between $5,500 and $7,500, depending on the extent of your case,  to include the upper and lower abdomen, as well as your waist and hips. The cost is higher if you also want to include your upper back. If you want an exact quote, you’ll need to schedule a consultation in Shreveport or Monroe at The Plastic Surgery Center. Your body and your goals are unique. An examination during your consultation identifies your amount of visceral fat, skin laxity, diastasis recti, and other factors that could influence the price you pay for this procedure.

The answer to this question is determined by a variety of factors. To begin, the size of the cannulas used can be a determining factor in the length of recovery. The procedure is faster with larger cannulas, but more tissue damage occurs. General anesthesia use takes little to no extra recovery time (other than the anesthesia itself).

Swelling, bruising, and pain for a few days following Liposuction 360 surgery is common for most patients. The Plastic Surgery Center advises patients to stay home for the first few days following their procedure.

Lipo 360 has a short recovery period, and most patients resume normal activities within a few days. However, as with any surgical intervention, recovery time varies, and it's important to follow post-operative recommendations. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions to follow during recovery that promote the best outcomes and swift healing. You’ll also need to avoid strenuous activities and exercise after your treatment. Overall, it normally takes anywhere from one to four weeks to go back to your normal routine.
To learn more about liposuction recovery, check out The Plastic Surgery Center blog.

Differences Between Liposuction and Lipo 360

One specific body part is targeted at a time with traditional liposuction in Louisiana. This is beneficial for reducing fat deposits under the skin, but it is not as effective in the trunk region. A more comprehensive liposuction surgery, Lipo 360 employs liposuction around the entire midsection to create a slender, more defined abdominal profile. The proportions of the entire midsection will be taken into account prior to treatment in order to avoid any irregular results from the fat removal.

In conclusion, general liposuction targets one specific area at a time, while Lipo 360 incorporates multiple areas at once. 

What To Expect After Lipo 360

You’ll notice mild discomfort, as well as bruising, redness, and swelling after the procedure. Medications prescribed by your doctor can help reduce any pain. Your physician may advise you to wear a compression garment to reduce swelling post-op to facilitate recovery. Swelling usually starts to go away toward the end of the first week, but compression garments should be worn until week four or until your physician says you no longer need it. In some cases, moderate swelling can linger up to six weeks, but regardless, you should be able to return to work within a few days.

It’s likely you won’t see your desired results immediately after your surgery. And for a short time, you may actually feel like you gained weight or appear larger in the treated area. Up to 10 pounds of fat can be removed during a single liposuction treatment. However, bloating can result due to swelling and fluid retention. Once the swelling goes down, your results will be evident. Depending on how much fat is eliminated, you’ll likely observe noticeable results within 1 to 3 months following the procedure.

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Lipo 360 can help you achieve the curves you’ve always wanted, and it all starts with a free consultation with Dr. Forrest Wall at The Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Wall is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon practicing in the area of north Louisiana. Start your journey today and call The Plastic Surgery Center in Shreveport at 318.221.1629 for more information about Lipo 360 or to arrange a consultation with Dr. Wall to discuss the outcomes you desire and ask any further questions you may have. To reach our Monroe location, give us a call at 318.812.0182. You can also contact us through our website by completing our online intake form. We look forward to meeting with you!

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