Gluteal Augmetation in Shreveport

Gluteal augmentation is fast becoming a popular procedure. Many individuals are seeking to improve the shape, volume, curviness, and appeal of their buttock area. The best candidates for this procedure are those in good health, over the age of 18, and desiring to enhance their buttock region.Those patients who have gone through weight loss or bariatric surgery may find that they suffer from sagging or excess skin in the gluteal region, making them ideal candidates for this cosmetic procedure as well.

What is gluteal augmentation?

Gluteal augmentation is an amazing procedure that has already given thousands of patients the new image they desired. Whether you are looking to boost your buttocks for swimsuit season or simply want to feel more confident in your favorite pair of jeans, The Plastic Surgery Center would be happy to help you achieve your ideal look!

There are two types of gluteal (butt) augmentations:

  1. Fat injections: This is often the preferred method, as it uses the patient’s own body fat to reshape their buttock area. This injection can achieve more natural looking results, be less of a risk for infection, and allow for contouring around the butt.
  2. Implants: For those that have very little body fat, implants may be the ideal solution. Silicone implants provide a firm, smooth, and natural feel.

Both of these cosmetic methods work well in the right circumstances and can help patients rid themselves of saggy, underdeveloped, unshapely buttocks.

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As one of the few plastic surgeons in Louisiana with experience in gluteal augmentation techniques, Dr. Wall is ready to help you take your self-esteem and confidence to the next level. He can even work with you to develop realistic expectations for your procedure.

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