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Are Size D Implants Right For Me?

Do you want size D implants? Are you wondering if it’s the right choice for you?

During a breast augmentation, choosing your implant size and style is a personal and important decision. There are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from. The right choice for you depends on several important factors. It will also depend on your expectations, lifestyle, and goals with the surgery.

In this post, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Forrest Wall, will answer all your questions about choosing the right implant size and style.

Which Breast Implant Size is Right For Me?

Like we mentioned earlier, the right implant size and style depends on several different factors. Size D implants might not be a good choice for everyone. When determining the most advantageous size and style for a client, Dr. Wall will consider factors such as:

Your height and weight

Your height and weight are important factors when choosing your implant size. If you are a naturally small, petite person, very large implants may not be the best choice for you. 

On the other hand, if you are particularly tall, you may need a certain size implant or larger for your implants to be proportional.

Your current chest and breast dimensions

Though breast augmentation is to augment your breasts, the current dimensions of your breast tissue and chest matter. If you have a very narrow chest, size D implants might not be a healthy option. It is more advisable to go from a B to D cup or an A to C cup rather than go from an A to D cup.

The final breast size and appearance you hope to achieve

Your aesthetic goals for the surgery do matter when determining breast implant size and style. 

If you want size D implants, Dr. Wall will take that into account when recommending a size and style. The goal of the surgery, after all, is to achieve your desires for your appearance.

The implant profile or projection you desire

This is another area where your wants and needs matter when determining the size and style of your implants. If you want a specific look with your implants, we will work to achieve that while also choosing an implant size and style that is conducive to you.

How much natural breast tissue you possess

The amount of natural breast tissue you have affects how big of an implant you need to achieve your desired look.

For example, if you are a C cup and you want size D breasts, you don’t need size D implants. You need much smaller implants to achieve that size.

But if you have an A cup and you want size D breasts, you will need much larger implants.

Your skin elasticity 

If you have reduced skin elasticity, your surgeon may not be able to give you size D implants. Sometimes, we call this the skin envelope. Basically, it is easier to insert a larger implant if the skin is looser and more elastic.

Pregnancy, multiple births, nursing, aging, and weight fluctuations can affect the skin envelope.

Your lifestyle

We’ll talk more below about why your lifestyle is important when determining the size and shape of your implants. 

However, it’s important to remember that you will be adding size and weight to your body when you undergo breast augmentation. Your implants can affect your work, your fitness routine, and the clothes you wear.

Your wants are of course paramount when determining the size and style of implants. However, it is also important to choose a size and style that is conducive to your health and lifestyle. Thus, size D implants may not be right for everyone.

How Do Surgeons Measure Breast Implants?

The first thing you need to know is that surgeons don’t measure implants by cup size. Surgeons measure implants in cubic centimetres, or cc’s. 

There are several reasons for this. The first is that there is no standard bra size. What may be a size D implant according to one bra manufacturer could be an E or a C in another bra. Women know that the same sized bras from different manufacturers don’t always fit the same.

Second, cubic centimetres are part of the metric system. It’s far more objective and standardized than cup sizes. For these reasons, you won’t really hear surgeons talking about size D implants. You will receive a certain number of cc’s to achieve size D breasts.

There’s a wide range of sizes you can choose from. You could choose an implant size as small as 1200 cc’s, or as large as 880 cc’s. Usually, Dr. Wall will recommend a size that meets your needs. 

Why Does My Lifestyle Matter For My Implants?

Lifestyle factors are extremely important when you are choosing an implant size. You should discuss your lifestyle with Dr. Wall during your initial consultation.

This is because implants can affect your daily lifestyle more than you think.

Implants are very lightweight, about the same weight a comparable amount of normal breast tissue would be. If you get an implant that is significantly larger than your normal breast tissue, the implant will be heavier than you are accustomed to.

If you lead a very active and athletic lifestyle, a lighter, more moderate implant will work better for you. A lighter implant will affect your athletic activities less.

The way you dress is also a factor to consider. Will your implant size affect the style of clothing you prefer? Many larger implant sizes aren’t as optimal for professional clothing.

Are There Risks For Larger Implants?

The answer to that question depends on all the factors we’ve already talked about.

However, if you decide to throw caution to the winds and have size D implants, there may not necessarily be any risk. 

However, the larger the implant, the more likely things like nipple numbness, wrinkling, and rippling are.

In general, women achieve the best and most natural-looking result when they augment two or three cup sizes.

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