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CoolSculpting Near Me? Try BTL Vanquish

For the past several years, we’ve seen the trend of patients searching “coolsculpting near me”. Those searching have seen plastic surgeons across the United states offer  body contouring solutions for stubborn belly fat. And, of these options, CoolSculpting is the most heavily marketed. Working in this industry, we realize that pockets of fat can be more difficult to lose, even with proper diet and exercise. With new patented fat-freezing technology, patients are able to receive long-term results that make their trouble spots, well, less troublesome. 

At a certain temperature, fat cells will freeze. Because fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than surrounding tissues, the treatment is safe on your body. Once the fat cells are frozen, your body will naturally eliminate the frozen cells over the next two to six months. This will result in up to 20-25% reduction of fat in the treated areas. 

For CoolSculpting Near Me, Consider BTL Vanquish

For those seeking CoolSculpting options, we suggest looking into BTL Vanquish. 

Like CoolSculpting, BTL Vanquish is a non-invasive procedure that rids the body of fat.

The BTL Vanquish device is much larger than its CoolSculpting competitor. It can cover your entire abdomen, as well as both sides, at the same time. On the other hand, the CoolSculpting wand can only cover small sections at one time. So, where one session under the CoolSculpting arm will eliminate fat in a single 6” area or less, a session under the BTL Vanquish arm can eliminate fat in your entire abdomen. 

For most patients, CoolSculpting options will take much longer to eliminate fat, when compared to BTL Vanquish in Shreveport. 

Final BTL Vanquish Results

When compared to its CoolSculpting competitor, the final results of BTL Vanquish will appear faster. Furthermore, since Vanquish can target larger areas at once, the end result is often much smoother than those who limit themselves to CoolSculpting near me options. 

We want our patients to be comfortable in their own skin. Some patients may start seeing results as quickly as 2-3 weeks after the procedure. But, for most patients, the results start showing closer to 2 to 3 months later. 

Once the treated fat is gone, it’s gone forever. Like CoolSculpting, BTL Vanquish is not a weight loss treatment, it’s a fat reduction treatment. 

You deserve to feel good inside and out, and for a lot of patients searching for CoolSculpting near me, BTL Vanquish is the first step to getting there. Curious to see if you’re a candidate for Vanquish? Give us a call at 318-221-1629 today!