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Long Nose Rhinoplasty in Shreveport, LA

Patients who inquire about a long nose rhinoplasty, or a nose job for a long nose, often have an overly projected nasal tip. The goal for long nose rhinoplasties is to balance out the facial features, making one of the most prominent features more proportionate with the rest of the face. Ideally, your eyes and mouth should be what others focus on. But, for those who have a long nose that takes away from other facial features, they find positive results with a long nose rhinoplasty. At The Plastic Surgery Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, we realize that while a nose reshaping surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure, the nose should function just as well, if not better than it did before the facial plastic surgery.

Nasal Anatomy

Two alar cartilages make up the nasal tip of the nose. Each alar cartilage sits on the side of the columella, which divides the skin and cartilage between your nostrils.

Patients who have an overly projected nose tip usually have alar cartilage that extends past the columella a little too far. Additionally, the cartilage may also sit up too high on the columella. This creates a nose that is long and pointy.

While there isn’t technically anything functionally wrong with a long nose, having an overly long nose can lead to self-consciousness for the patient. Our nose is already the primary facial feature, but with an extended nose, it can easily become the dominant feature, outweighing other features, such as the eyes or lips, leaving an unbalanced appearance.

Can a Rhinoplasty Shorten a Long Nose?

Yes, a nose job, or rhinoplasty, can shorten a long nose. This facial surgery can correct long noses by trimming excess cartilage. This procedure can help restore facial balance and boost confidence for patients with extended noses.

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Long Nose Rhinoplasty Procedure

The facial plastic surgery to correct a long nose or bulbous nasal tip involves shaving down or trimming the excess cartilage, or the cartilage that extends past the columella.

The rhinoplasty procedure will depend on the main cause of your long nose, whether it’s your tip or the bridge of your nose that causes problems. For patients that have a long bridge, the rhinoplasty procedure involves adjusting the patient’s septum. And, for patients who have a long nose due to the tip of the nose, the rhinoplasty procedure involves a bit more variation.

For some patients, our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Forrest Wall, will also have to reduce the size of the skin inside the nose, called the mucosa. If the patient’s cartilage sits too high on the nose, then Dr. Wall can also reposition the cartilage to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Dr. Wall can perform this type of rhinoplasty procedure using one of two incision techniques:

  1. Closed rhinoplasty technique: Dr. Wall places the incisions inside of the nostrils.
  2. Open rhinoplasty technique: Dr. Wall makes a small incision across the columella.

Whether Dr. Wall uses a closed or open rhinoplasty technique depends on the individual patient. The type of rhinoplasty technique used will be decided at the time of the consultation.

This type of rhinoplasty surgery is an extremely delicate surgical procedure and should only be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery as well as reconstructive surgery, like Dr. Forrest Wall.

Nose Shortening Techniques

When performing a long nose rhinoplasty, or a long nose surgery, Dr. Wall will also need to perform additional techniques in order to create a proportionate shape.

For patients who have large nostrils as well as a long nose, minimizing the nose’s projection will exacerbate the size of the patient’s nostrils. So, in order to keep this from occurring, Dr. Wall may need to decrease the nostril size through an alar base resection.

The incisions for alar base resections are placed in a discreet area.

For patients who aren’t happy with the tip of their nose, Dr. Wall can also perform a nasal tip rhinoplasty. This technique involves reshaping, repositioning, or grafting cartilage to make the tip of the nose more symmetrical and proportionate with the rest of the patient’s facial features.

Long Nose Rhinoplasty Recovery

After your rhinoplasty surgery, you can expect to experience some bruising and swelling. These symptoms should start to resolve by the second week. During this week, you will also get your stint and bandages removed and may return to work.

By the end of the first month, all major swelling should have subsided and you are free to begin strenuous activities. However, some patients may experience residual swelling on the tip of the nose for up to a year.

To speed up the recovery process, we recommend that the patient:

  • keeps the head elevated
  • avoids using pain medication when they can
  • uses a cold compress
  • avoids blowing the nose
  • exercise to encourage blood flow

Long Nose Rhinoplasty Results

The results of your rhinoplasty are permanent. So, you won’t need to invest in any follow-up or revision rhinoplasty procedures. As the swelling subsides, you should start to see your facial proportions even out. Most patients can see the majority of their results after the first month. But, for a small number of patients, it could take several months to see the final rhinoplasty results.

Benefits of a Long Nose Rhinoplasty

If you’re considering undergoing any plastic surgery procedure, it’s important to understand both the risks and the benefits so that you can determine whether or not the benefits outweigh the risks for your specific situation.

The benefits for this type of rhinoplasty include:

  • better facial balance
  • improved nose length or smaller nose
  • permanent results
  • improved side profile
  • higher self esteem
  • less breathing difficulties (for some patients)

Cost of Reduction Rhinoplasty

The cost of a long nose rhinoplasty varies depending on the extensiveness of the cosmetic procedure, as well as the surgeon’s experience. This type of facial plastic surgery isn’t typically covered by your insurance policy since it is used to improve your facial appearance.

However, while very unlikely, if your general physician believes that changing the nasal shape can improve nasal function, then you may be able to have the surgery partially covered by insurance.

We understand that cost is often a determining factor in whether or not you should get plastic surgery, it should never be a factor when it comes to choosing between plastic surgeons. Cheaper isn’t always better, and neither is being more expensive.

When choosing the plastic surgeon for any facial rejuvenation surgery, you need to look at critical factors, such as the plastic surgeon’s experience, their previous rhinoplasty results, and how much knowledge they have with your specific procedure.

For a more accurate estimate of what your rhinoplasty surgery will cost, schedule a consultation with our board certified plastic surgeon in Shreveport, Dr. Forrest Wall.

Am I a Candidate for a Long Nose Rhinoplasty?

If you are dissatisfied with your facial appearance because your nose is too long or your nostrils are too long or wide, then you are certainly a potential candidate for this type of rhinoplasty surgery.

The ideal candidates for rhinoplasty surgeries are those who:

  • don’t smoke or can quit smoking temporarily)
  • are at least 16 years old
  • in generally good health with no major health problems
  • can undergo general anesthesia/local anesthesia

For girls, the nasal bones are fully developed by the age of 14, and for boys, this happens by the age of 16.

The best way to determine whether or not you are a candidate for a rhinoplasty procedure is to set up a consultation with our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Forrest Wall.

Schedule a Rhinoplasty Consultation in Shreveport

If you have a long nose that hurts your self confidence, then a rhinoplasty procedure can help. Dr. Forrest Wall is a board certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience performing rhinoplasties and helping those with breathing issues all over the United States.

Our rhinoplasty procedures can help patients with the following, and more:

  • long nose
  • wide nose
  • large nasal hump (or dorsal hump)
  • flared nostrils
  • bulbous tip
  • breathing difficulties

To learn more about our facial plastic surgery procedures, contact The Plastic Surgery Center by calling 318-211-1629 or by filling out our online form. Our office accepts Care Credit and works with various insurance providers for procedures that are covered under your insurance policy.

We look forward to helping you achieve all of your cosmetic goals!