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Shreveport Forehead Lift / Brow Lift Surgery

Your face plays a vital role in the appearance you present and the emotions you communicate. Unfortunately, as we age, our facial muscles and tissues lose the tightness of our youth. Sagging brows can even cause our facial expressions to display a look of anger, sadness, or tiredness. Brow lift surgery addresses these issues and helps you regain your skin’s youthful vibrancy.

You need a skillful and experienced cosmetic surgeon with a keen eye for aesthetics and an extensive knowledge of facial anatomy to provide you with natural results. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place! Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Forrest Wall is an expert in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, performing the latest techniques for beautiful results and minimal scarring. For a forehead lift consultation with Dr. Wall, call The Plastic Surgery Center at (318) 221-1629 today.

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What is a Brow Lift?

As people age and their forehead tissues and skin elasticity decrease, the brows lower. This shortens the distance between the eyelashes and eyebrows, creating deep furrows and the appearance of a heavy brow. A person’s facial features may begin looking sad, tired, or angry when this happens.

A brow lift procedure may also be known as a forehead lift or forehead rejuvenation. No matter what you call it, this cosmetic procedure works to create a more youthful, elevated brow. This procedure carefully lifts the forehead and brow’s soft tissue and skin, refreshing the appearance of the brow, forehead, and area around the eyes.

What Does an Eyebrow Lift Do?

Patients with asymmetrical brows, brows that are low or sagging, or who show visible signs of aging on the face may choose to undergo a brow lift. An eyebrow lift improves the appearance of the facial features by:

  • Reducing the vertical lines between the eyebrows, sometimes known as frown lines
  • Raising the eyebrows and reducing hooding of the upper eyelids
  • Reduces wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, between the eyes, and across the forehead
  • Enhancing the brow and eye shape for a bright and youthful appearance

Several other facial cosmetic procedures may accompany a forehead lift. Cosmetic surgeons may use blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelid surgery), facelift, neck surgery, and skin tightening techniques such as FaceTite or Morpheus8 in conjunction with a brow lift to provide maximum facial revitalization.

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How Does a Brow Lift Work?

There are several ways to perform a surgical eyebrow lift: endoscopic, classic, and temporal. The type of brow lift depends on your facial construction, how you are aging, and your medical history. As such, surgeons may use different incision placements and sizes, such as:

Endoscopic Brow/Forehead Lift

Perhaps the most common brow procedure cosmetic surgeons employ is the endoscopic forehead lift. This method requires small incisions at the hairline. A thin tube with a camera on the end called an endoscope is then placed in the incisions. The endoscope allows your surgeon to see the underlying muscles and tissue beneath your skin. From there, your surgeon will remove excess fat and tissue and reposition the eyebrows. The endoscopic lift creates a relaxed and refreshed appearance by correcting wrinkles in the forehead and visible creases at the source.

Temporal or Limited Brow Lift

The temporal lift, also known as a limited brow lift, is performed under local anesthesia in your surgeon’s office or surgical facility. It is a scaled-back version of the endoscopic brow lift. Because it is an outpatient procedure, it is minimally invasive and requires little downtime.

Coronal or Classic Brow Lift

Some surgeons prefer a classic brow lift or coronal brow lift to create a smoother facial appearance. For a coronal brow lift procedure, the patient will be put under general anesthesia before a cosmetic surgeon makes an incision at about ear level and moves across the crown of the head to the other ear. They will then lift the scalp and remove excess tissue before stretching the forehead skin back, raising the drooping eyebrows. This also moves the hairline back a bit by lengthening the forehead. A classic lift conceals the healed scar beneath the hair on the top of your head.

Brow Lift Recovery

Aftercare instructions for a forehead lift depend on the type of procedure, but generally include plenty of rest with your head elevated and taking pain medication as needed. Applying cold compresses can also help with excessive swelling and bruising.

It typically takes one to two weeks after surgery for wounds to heal from a classic forehead lift. After an endoscopic brow lift, temporary fixation screws are placed into the skull to hold the tissue in place while it heals. When it is deemed appropriate by your cosmetic surgeon, your clips or stitches will be removed.

During recovery, many patients feel slight discomfort and a tight feeling across the forehead for the first few weeks. Bruising and swelling may remain for about a week to ten days post-surgery. Generally, patients may return to work within two weeks after surgery.

Any scars left behind should fade as time passes. However, your surgeon will work to conceal them within your natural skin creases or with your hair. If you feel you have noticeable scarring, makeup can help cover them until maximum healing occurs.

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Brow Lift Risks and Complications

Brow lifts are performed on thousands of patients annually. However, surgery is never without risk. In some circumstances, a patient may have visible scars. Permanent or temporary numbness on the top of the scalp or the forehead may also be an issue. Additionally, one or both brows may appear too high on the face, causing facial asymmetry. This is an issue that may resolve during the recovery process. If asymmetry persists, your surgeon may treat brow position issues with corrective surgery.

Some patients may also experience hair loss at the incision site or an elevated hairline. Options for treating these complications include hair grafting or scar excision.

Additional hazards include:

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Blood loss
  • Facial nerve injury accompanied by paralysis or muscle weakness
  • Infection of the incisions
  • Wounds heal poorly
  • Damage to blood vessels
  • Internal perforation injury
  • Fluid collects under the skin

If you experience any of these complications, you should see your doctor immediately.

How Much is Forehead Plastic Surgery?

Based on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ findings, forehead plastic surgery averages $3,900. This cost does not include anesthesia, operating room fees, or other accompanying costs like medical tests and pain medication prescriptions.

Prices also vary according to your surgeon’s ability and experience, the type of brow lift performed, and the region in which the facility is located. Keep in mind that a forehead lift is a cosmetic procedure, so medical insurance does not pay for it. Schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon at The Plastic Surgery Center to learn a more accurate estimate of the cost of your procedure.

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Is There Such Thing as a Non-Surgical Brow Lift?

A non-surgical brow lift is an option for those looking for a less invasive way to correct sagging brows. This procedure uses the latest ultrasound technology to rejuvenate your skin without fillers or surgical procedures.

A non-surgical brow lift with ultrasound technology is safe for all shades and types of skin. The procedure works by heating the mid-dermal tissue of the face at the correct temperature and depth. It renews the face’s overall appearance and revitalizes collagen fibers. The neck and lower face also benefit from this ultrasound technology.

Plastic surgeons can perform a non-surgical brow lift in their offices. This typically takes 30 to 45 minutes, and patients can immediately resume their regular activities.

Thread Lift

An eyebrow thread lift is another non-surgical method of lifting a sagging brow. For this procedure, your physician inserts a dissolvable thread under your skin using a small needle. They tighten the thread and attach it to the hairline. This may also be called a barbed suture lift, as some threads have tiny barbs that hook into the tissue to create the desired tightening effect.

New collagen is generated as the threads dissolve over about six months. This is a temporary treatment and requires additional applications to retain the effects.

Side effects of a thread lift include swelling and bruising, soreness, and skin puckering. This is also a quick and non-invasive procedure, so most patients are able to resume their usual activities within a week.

Forehead Reduction Surgery vs. Brow Lift Surgery

Forehead reduction surgery is different from brow lift surgery. While a brow lift seeks to smooth out the upper facial features and furrowed lines by lifting the eyebrows, a forehead reduction aims to decrease the height of the forehead.

Hair loss, other cosmetic treatments, or genetics may cause the forehead to appear larger. Also known as hairline lowering surgery, this procedure helps balance your facial proportions by removing excess skin and pulling the hairline down. The hairline should conceal any visible scars.

Those who meet the following qualifications are good candidates for a forehead reduction procedure:

  • Want to lower their hairline
  • Have a tall forehead they’d like shortened
  • Heavy or low brows
  • Wish to increase their hairline after a hair grafting procedure
  • Have a taller forehead after a brow lift and want to bring their hairline back down

An ideal candidate should also have good scalp laxity. Male patients with male pattern baldness or a family history of male pattern baldness may not be good candidates.

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Who are the Best Candidates for a Brow Lift?

A brow lift aims to lift your sagging brows, erase forehead wrinkles, and tighten loose skin to restore a more youthful appearance. During your consultation with Dr. Wall, he determines whether this is the best procedure for you by evaluating:

  • Skin type
  • Ethnicity
  • The skin’s elasticity
  • How quickly you heal
  • Age
  • Which type of surgery is appropriate
  • Realistic expectations for your surgical results

You may benefit from this procedure if you have deep, horizontal forehead creases or frown lines between your eyebrows and nose or want to correct a sad or tired appearance.

How Long Do Brow Surgery Results Last?

Your forehead lift results will last for many years when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Wall.

However, gravity will still affect your forehead muscles and tissues over time as you continue to age. Living a healthy lifestyle that includes daily sunscreen use, not smoking, and consuming vitamins and whole foods keeps your skin looking its best.

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