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Breast Augmentation in Shreveport


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Shreveport breast augmentation

Breast augmentation, or breast enlargement, is a surgical procedure that is used to increase and enhance the size, shape, and volume of your breasts. It is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world and works to give women the physical appearance they desire, as well as boost their confidence and self-esteem.

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Concerned about the cost associated with breast augmentation? We can help you find resources and information regarding finances.

Breast augmentation, more commonly known as a boob job and less commonly known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves the placement of implants within the breast to enhance and increase breast volume, size, and shape. The implants are essentially silicone shells that can be filled with either saline or silicone gel, both of which have been approved by the FDA.

Breast augmentations are often sought out to help create cleavage and upper breast fullness in women with smaller breasts, but may also be used to re-establish the breast size and shape after aging or childbirth has taken its toll.

To see before and after photos of the breast augmentation procedures performed by Dr. Forrest Wall at The Plastic Surgery Center, check out our before and after gallery.

During this surgical procedure, Dr. Wall will make an incision in the armpit, around the areola, or underneath the breast. He will then create a pocket either below the breast tissue and above the pectoral muscle or below both the breast tissue and the pectoral muscle. (See our blog: Breast Implants: Over or Under the Muscle?) He will then place the implant into the opening created, positioning it in a manner that allows for the best cosmetic results. 

You can rest assured knowing that Dr. Wall always strives to create an incision that will leave the most inconspicuous and subtle scarring. Once you are finished, we will give you full instructions on postoperative care and limitations. This will help your procedure be as successful as possible and allow for the fastest and most effective recovery. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. You will be able to return home the same day as the surgery and will be up and walking that very day. You can expect to return to work within just a few days, given there are no complications.

There are many factors that go into the exact cost of breast augmentation in Shreveport or the surrounding areas. However, the national average sits at about $6,300. Here at The Plastic Surgery Center, the price can range from a couple thousand to right around the national average.

Because it is considered a cosmetic procedure, many health insurance companies do not cover breast augmentations. This means you’ll have to pay for the procedure out-of-pocket. Fortunately, The Plastic Surgery Center offers accessible financing options. You may be able to make payments of as little as $200 or less every month.

The duration and degree to which patients experience pain or discomfort following surgery varies from person to person. However, the general consensus is that most women can stop taking pain medication at around 2-3 days postop and can return back to work and other non-strenuous activities as soon as 5 days to a week following surgery. At around 4 weeks, low-impact activity and limited exercise may resume, and at 6 weeks, give or take, patients are generally able to return to their previous lifestyle as it was with unlimited activity.

We provide additional information here: Sleeping After Breast Augmentation

Despite your reasoning for receiving a breast augmentation, the most important thing is that you are in good physical health and do not have any conflicting medical conditions that would interfere with a breast augmentation procedure. With this in mind, the best candidates for breast augmentation are those who:

  • Meet the age requirements
    • 18 years of age for saline-filled implants
    • 22 years of age for silicone implants
  • Feel insecure about the small cup size of their breasts
  • Have suffered a loss of breast size or volume after nursing
  • Are dealing with the symptoms of aging
  • Have breasts of two different, distinct sizes
  • Have breasts that have changed shape or size due to weight loss 

No matter what reasons you have for seeking a breast augmentation, our team at The Plastic Surgery Center can go over your case and help you maintain realistic expectations and goals.

With any type of surgery, cosmetic or not, there are always going to be risks involved. Many clients experience very few or no complications at all following a breast augmentation procedure. However, we cannot speak for every single person. As such, it is necessary to address all possible risks and complications. 

Some of the more common complications associated with breast augmentation are:

  • Infection
  • Breast pain
  • Scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Change in the sensation of the nipple
  • Problems with size or shape of the implants (i.e. the breasts may not be even)

If you are working with a board-certified plastic surgeon, you can expect very few or no complications to arise. During your consultation, Dr. Wall will learn about your general health to fully evaluate your risk of complications.

Be wary of some of the cheaper price tags you see for boob jobs in other countries. Many of these surgeons do not meet the same rigorous standards that board certified plastic surgeons do in the United States. Thus, the complication rates are much higher. Surgeons might have less training and less incentive to care for the possible complications.

Everyone has different desires when it comes to the size and shape of their breasts. Some may be simply looking to go from an A to B cup, while others might want to make a bigger jump from a B to D cup. At the end of the day, your breast augmentation should not be a “cookie-cutter” experience. It is a very personalized decision that is based on your own desires as well as the recommendations provides by your surgeon. 

There are so many things that must be considered before the surgery can take place. That is why it’s so important to seek out a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentations before making your decision. Dr. Wall will take the time to learn of your preferences and concerns before the two of you decide which breast implant size, type, or procedure is right for you personally.

Most women with breast implants are still able to breastfeed, though there are always a few exceptions. Some of the factors that determine a woman’s ability to breastfeed post-surgery include the type of incision used and the original state of her breasts prior to surgery. It is most common to place implants behind the milk glands or under the chest muscles, which don’t affect milk production. Incisions made under the breast or through the armpit or belly button are much less likely to interfere with breastfeeding. Surgery that keeps the areola intact is also less likely to cause problems. 

Further, the less drastic of a change that results from the breast augmentation, the less likely any complications will arise when it comes time to breastfeed. For example, the transition from an A to B cup or a B to D cup will probably produce better breastfeeding outcomes than a more drastic change like going from an A to a D cup. 

As always, it is important to discuss any concerns you have about breastfeeding with Dr. Wall so he can recommend the best type of procedure for you.

You Can Find More Information on Breastfeeding After an Augmentation Here.

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