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Laser Treatments at Wall Medi-Spa

Cynosure Icon Laser

The high-Powered Cynosure Icon is the most powerful laser and pulsed light system on the market. It provides the most versatile and effective treatments available, with superior cooling for advanced comfort and enhanced deep treatments. It provides 70% more power, with unmatched speed and efficacy. This translates into more effective and visible results
for the patient.

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Cynosure Laser Applications

Cynosure Icon Uses the Following Patented Technical Innovations:

laser treatments shreveport

This feature offers superior comfort and safety for the patient throughout the treatment.

There is one smooth, gentle pulse that ensures a consistently comfortable epidermal temperature.

The Cynosure Icon emits light in the optimal bands of the spectrum for specific treatments, and filters out excess and unnecessary light to protect the skin.

Via a proprietary process, scattered energy is recaptured and sent back to the target, maximizing treatment effectiveness.

Fast, comfortable and convenient hair reduction for all body areas and skin types.

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The most versatile, effective and comfortable non-ablative treatment available for skin resurfacing. Treats an array of skin issues including: deep facial folds, wrinkles, skin roughness, unwanted pigmentation, lax skin, acne scars, surgical scars, and even stretch marks. Treatments are comfortable, quick and convenient to schedule.

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Comfortable and effective photo-facials for the treatment of sun damage, unsightly veins, sun spots, and rosacea.

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Laser cellulite treatments can greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body. The laser creates areas of deep heating and the body’s natural healing response generates new tissue, reducing skin laxity and causing the skin to appear tighter. There are no incisions, so we can ensure no down time!

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