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Chin & Cheek Procedures in Shreveport, LA

Everyone wants to look into the mirror and like the image reflected back to them.  A streamlined profile can do wonders for an individual’s confidence and approach to the world.  Unfortunately, the chin and cheeks are often problem areas for many men and women, with over half of Americans stating that they are dissatisfied with their chins and cheeks and are actively seeking how to reduce double chin fat. Fortunately, there are many ways to alter the appearance of your chin and cheeks, both surgical and non-surgical.

Chin Procedures


Chin implant surgery may take 30 minutes to an hour. Your doctor will decide on the proper implant size, and insert it into a pocket over the front of the jawbone. The incision may be placed on the inside of your mouth, or in the skin just under the chin. Your sutures will be removed in 5 to 7 days. Some swelling and discomfort may be present, and you may find it difficult to smile or talk.


Neck and chin liposuction procedures consist of small incisions under the skin that allow for a small tube to be placed into the affected area and suck out excess fatty tissue.  A local anesthetic numbs the general area being treated. Liposuction recovery, for most people, lasts about 1-3 weeks. This varies on several factors and depends on how carefully the recovery instructions are followed. It is not uncommon to experience bruising or swelling after the procedure. However, after the swelling and any discoloration from bruising subsides, patients will see results almost immediately, finding themselves with a much smoother, firmer neck and chin area.

Cheek Procedures

Buccal Fat Removal

For patients who are uncomfortable with the size of their cheeks, buccal fat removal in Shreveport offers a much more sculpted and symmetrical look. Buccal fat removal is a cosmetic procedure where the buccal fat pads in the cheeks are surgically removed.  The surgery is carried out from the inside of the mouth, leaving no visible scars on the face. Dr. Wall will carefully remove the appropriate amount of buccal fat based on the patients’ desires in order to slim the cheekbones and emphasize the structure of the face.


Cheek implant surgery may take 35 to 45 minutes. If a cheek implant is being done in conjunction with another type of face-lift procedure, the same incisions may be used; otherwise a small incision may be made inside your upper lip, or under your lower eyelid. Following surgery, your doctor will inform you of any dietary restrictions, as well as limitations. The ability to move your mouth and lips may be difficult for a few days.


A cheek or “jowl lift” is a minimally invasive procedure you can use to get rid of excess fat and skin around the neck.  A jowl lift utilizes ultrasound technology to melt the fat beneath your chin and jawline. Dr. Wall will place you under general anesthesia during the procedure, which will last about a half-hour. After this, patients can expect some bruising and swelling in the chin and jaw area. Other than this minor bruising and swelling, patients will likely experience no side effects.

Jowl lifts can also be combined with neck liposuction to achieve a smooth, youthful look beneath the chin.

Noninvasive Procedures for Chin & Cheek

In addition to the surgical options we mentioned, there are also other ways to go about reshaping your chin and cheek areas that don’t involve going under the knife. At The Plastic Surgery Center, we offer a variety of noninvasive treatments that target the chin and cheeks, such as: Morpheus8, Facetite, Juvederm Injections, Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, Restylane Injections, and Radiesse Injections

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