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Neck Lift in Shreveport, LA

A neck lift can effectively address a variety of common concerns that patients face as they age, including loosening or sagging skin on the neck, oftentimes referred to as “turkey neck.” Some patients’ concerns are localized to the neck area and don’t require a full facelift. For those patients, a neck lift would be an excellent option to provide beautiful, natural rejuvenation of the neck. There are various neck lift techniques that can be customized based on the needs of each individual patient. Dr. Wall is an expert in plastic surgery and can help determine which procedure would best suit your concerns.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is an elective cosmetic procedure designed to smooth, lift, and tighten your neck for a more youthful, firm, and attractive contour. It is primarily accomplished through neck skin tightening, removing excess loose skin, and tightening the neck muscles (more specifically, the platysma muscle). In some cases, liposuction is also used to address stubborn fat pockets and enhance neck lift results further.

What Happens During a Neck Lift Surgery?

A neck lift is an outpatient procedure generally performed under anesthesia, and there are several different anesthesia options. Oftentimes, a neck lift is performed as a part of a facelift, involving both the cheek and the neck at the same time. 

In cases where the neck lift is a part of the facelift, the incisions are hidden around the ears, and it involves lifting the tissues into a more anatomical position from both sides. The platysma muscle and fascia layers under the skin are lifted and tightened while the skin is elevated. 

An alternative is a direct neck lift, this is where an incision is made under the chin to allow direct removal of skin and muscle without incisions around the ears. Direct neck lifts leave a scar under the chin, which can be a disadvantage because it can take some time to fade. 

Lastly, platysmaplasty is commonly performed as a part of a facial procedure or a direct neck lift but can also be performed as a stand-alone procedure. There are several different platysmaplasty techniques. 

Platysmaplasty is most commonly performed by making a small incision under the chin and dividing the muscle low in the neck. Sutures are then used to sew the muscle tight in a corset fashion under the chin to improve bands of muscle in the neck and to provide improvements that are long-lasting. Fatty tissue may also be removed from the neck at the same time. A platysmaplasty can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or combined with neck liposuction in some patients. 

Candidates for Neck Lift Surgery


Good candidates for a neck lift have excess skin and fat but good skin tone.

Generally, good candidates for a neck lift also include:

  • Healthy individuals with no medical conditions that impair the healing process
  • Nonsmokers 
  • Individuals with a positive outlook and realistic expectations

Some may feel they are not ready to go through a full facelift because their upper face is still pleasing to the eye. However, there are many patients that will note excess wrinkling of the neck skin, a double chin or “turkey neck,” and jowl lines. 

If your neck area doesn’t match the appearance of your upper face, a neck lift may be a good solution.

Neck Lift Surgery Risks

As with every surgery, there are some risks for neck lifts. These risks include nerve injury, numbness, weakness, bleeding, scarring, infection, and possibly needing future surgery. However, there are very low complication rates for neck lift surgery. 

Rare risks for neck lifts include:

  • bleeding
  • bruising
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • infection
  • pain
  • poor healing
  • swelling
  • temporary changes in skin sensation
  • temporary hair loss

Benefits of Neck Countoring

The benefits of having your neck skin tightened and having the excess fat removed by a dermatologic surgery professional include:

  • a more defined jawline
  • smoother skin on your neck
  • streamlined profile
  • more youthful appearance

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Neck Lift Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

Most patients can expect to have some swelling and bruising after a neck lift or neck contouring surgery.

In most cases, this can last for about 1-2 weeks. Many patients are back to most of their normal routines and activities within 7-10 days. However, patients need to avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks following any neck contouring or skin resurfacing work. In some instances, you may be asked to avoid driving for the first few weeks of your recovery to avoid turning the neck. 

It is important to follow your surgeon’s instructions post-op as closely as possible in order to get your best neck lift results. This can also minimize the chance of complications. 

We will provide you with an incision care and neck contouring guide before we release you.

Typical instructions include:

  • avoid alcohol and Aspirin
  • keep your head elevated while you sleep
  • don’t lift heavy objects
  • don’t apply ice to your neck
  • try to avoid turning your head at your neck

Neck Lift Surgery Results

As you start to evaluate your neck lift results, remember that it can take several weeks to months for swelling to dissipate completely and up to six months for incision lines to become less noticeable. As the swelling and bruising subside, visible improvements in your neck lift will appear. The final result should provide a more youthful and rested appearance and help with your confidence. 

While good results are expected from the procedure, there isn’t always a guarantee. It may not be possible to achieve optimal results with one surgical procedure. Therefore, another surgery might be required. 

Is a Neck Lift Permanent?

A neck lift, in many ways, lasts forever because your neck will always be tighter than if you’d never had the procedure. A direct neck lift will likely last many decades, and most patients don’t ever need any “tuck-up” procedures. 

A neck lift, platysmaplasty, as part of a facelift procedure, will last for many years. While the aging process continues, most patients will typically go 10-15 years before they consider a secondary procedure. 

Neck Lift Surgery FAQs


How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost?

Surgical procedures and terminology vary widely from patient to patient, provider, and location. For this reason, it is almost impossible to give accurate pricing for surgical procedures without a consultation. There are many different factors that affect the cost of a neck lift, including the surgeon’s fee, the surgical technique involved, the facility fee, and the anesthesia fee. 

When it comes to the price of most neck lift procedures, you can expect to pay anywhere between $5,000-$10,000. If additional procedures are performed at the same time, including a brow lift, eyelid surgery, etc., there will be additional fees involved. After a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons, we will be able to provide you with a detailed quote for any procedures discussed. 

What is the Best Age for a Neck Lift?

We don’t believe there is any particular age that is perfect for a neck lift. Neck lift surgery is performed on patients anywhere from their 30s to their 90s. Patients should start anti-aging and rejuvenation procedures beginning at a younger age so that it appears they aren’t aging over time.

What is the Best Surgery For a Saggy Neck?

If you have sagging skin under your neck, then a neck lift can help to remove excess skin to create a smoother, more contoured appearance. This surgical neck contouring procedure is known as a cervicoplasty, if the purpose is removing excess skin or platysmaplasty, if the purpose is to tighten loose neck muscles.

How Does Neck Lift Surgery Get Rid of Excess Skin?

Our board-certified plastic surgeon will provide you with anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the outpatient procedure. Our plastic surgeon will then make a small incision near your ear, as well as small incisions underneath your chin (in some cases). From here, he will remove the excess fat and neck skin, reposition tissue under your neck, and tighten your platysma muscle. Once our surgeon is happy with the appearance of your neck, he will then use stitches or a special skin adhesive to close the incision. As you recover, you’ll start to see your neck’s appearance change.

Is a Neck Lift Painful?

Patients shouldn’t feel any pain during surgery. A neck lift can be performed under local anesthesia. However, this tends to be less pleasant for many patients. Neck lifts are generally performed under deep intravenous sedation, but they can also be performed under deep general anesthesia or light oral sedation supplemented with local anesthesia. 

There should be very little pain following a neck lift procedure. The majority of patients require little to no pain medication after surgery. Most patients will feel tight and have slight numbness after the procedure.

How is a Neck Lift Different From a Face Lift or Thread Lift?

A neck lift is normally performed as part of a facelift. A thread lift is a nonsurgical approach. There are multiple options for nonsurgical solutions if you aren’t ready to have neck lift surgery. 

For those that are not ready, willing, or able to undergo neck lift surgery or those who would prefer a less invasive alternative, nonsurgical skin tightening might be a great option. Botox can also be used on vertical neck bands to relax the muscle and reduce wrinkling. Dermal fillers can also restore lost volume to the skin, while Kybella can break down fat cells. 

Radiofrequency with micro-needling can rejuvenate skin by reproducing collagen. Lastly, ultrasound technology can stimulate collagen production to improve fine lines and wrinkles. 


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