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Tubular Breasts Correction in Shreveport and Monroe, LA


Tubular Breasts Correction

The shape, size, and symmetry of a woman’s breasts play a large and unique role in her sense of confidence. Any discrepancy of the breasts is often noticed relatively soon after it may appear. Tubular breasts become apparent in the earliest stages of puberty. Because this is the time when women begin to pay the most attention to their bodies, a tubular breast deformity is something that is generally very obvious. It also often has a lasting effect on their psychological well-being and sexuality. Luckily, this deformity of the breast can be fixed through a tubular breast correction. 

At The Plastic Surgery Center, we are passionate about helping individuals achieve their ideal body image. Under board-certified plastic surgeon Forrest Wall, we offer surgical solutions to improve the shape, contour, and size of your breasts. If you believe you have a tubular breast deformity and seek to correct it, we offer initial consultations to discuss your options and desired results. Leave it to our team to provide the breathtaking results you’ve always wanted.

What are tubular breasts?

Tubular breasts, or tuberous breasts, are characterized in this way because of their shape. Though the symptoms can vary, tubular breasts tend to be more cone-like in shape as opposed to a natural, rounded shape. This often creates a vast asymmetry of the breasts, especially if only one is affected by the condition. 

A herniation of tissue on the breast might also occur in the nipple areolar complex. This herniation can significantly exaggerate the size of the areola as compared to the rest of the breast. Tubular breasts are not a cause for serious medical concern. However, they can potentially present issues for women who wish to breastfeed.

More often than not, though, women seek plastic surgery to correct tubular breasts because of the impact it can have on their appearance and self-esteem. A tubular breast correction can leave the breasts with a more cohesive, appealing shape. 

What causes tubular breasts?

Tubular breasts are a type of congenital deformity. It is caused by a type of skin deficiency that occurs during the development of the breast. It can occur at either the bottom, lateral, or medial portions of the breast. During puberty, the shape of the breast and areola become distorted due to incomplete development. 

Tubular breasts do not possess the round structure that characterizes what one might consider the ideal breast shape. Instead, they may appear wide-set, pointy or elongated, or with high breast folds. It also often results in an enlarged, puffy areola. These features generally result from either excessive or deficient breast tissue. It is then amplified by the constriction of the base of the breast at the chest wall.

How do you know if you have tubular breasts?

The most obvious sign of tubular breasts is a conical shape of the breast instead of a rounded shape. If your breasts have significant sagging, drooping, or appear flat on the upper half, this may also be a sign of the deformity. Other symptoms of tubular breasts include a narrow, constricted breast base or an abnormally wide space between both breasts (more than 1.5 inches). 

As tubular breast deformity might only occur in one breast, noticing a difference in the size, shape, or position of your breasts might also be an indicator. As mentioned before, a puffy and enlarged areola might also be a sign of tubular breast deformity.

Can tubular breasts be fixed?

Tubular breasts can be fixed relatively easily by an experienced plastic surgeon. Cosmetic surgery is the only medical treatment that is currently available for tubular breast correction. However, a tubular breast correction is not the same thing as a breast augmentation. A traditional breast augmentation will not fix a tubular breast deformity completely. That is why it is crucial that you consult with someone as skilled and experienced as Dr. Wall. This way, you can be sure that your breasts have been properly assessed, diagnosed, and potentially corrected by a surgeon who is familiar with the condition.

Shreveport-based plastic surgeon Dr. Forrest Wall can meet with you to discuss your goals and desired results and help you determine if a tubular breast correction is the best option for you.

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